We are happy to announce the second Tübingen Lindy Exchange happing from 8th to 11th of June!


You can expect a happy weekend with a varied programme, with and without dancing. Those arriving early will have the exceptional opportunity to visit the famous Tübingen punting race on Thursday. Get to know Tübingen and Tübingen's dance scene with a city rally, be excited about great daytime events and several parties. The Gramophoniacs from Saarbrücken and our Tübingen house band Budenzauber will delight us with fantastic swing music. Come in droves!



Evening Program on Thursday

Meeting at a restaurant, dancing or bar hopping?? As we don't know how many people will join a Thursday evening activity, we didn't plan something special yet. So please let us know if you would be interested!

City-Rally & Swinging Picnic

Discover Tübingen together with your fellow dancers. At multiple picturesque stops with diverse activities we will show you the city. It'll be a fun walk that ends with a cozy, swinging picnic.


Let's Cook!

Meet your group and "Cooking host" for an evening of cooking, dining and socializing with dancers from Tübingen and out of town. Meet even more nice people and have great dances at our party with the Gramophoniacs at Boccanegra afterwards.


Let's start the day with good food, great music and fun dances. We bring the basics and you the details for a shared brunch at Boccanegra.

Punting on the Neckar


With punting being one of the most important traditions and treasured summer past times we just can't leave it at watching the Stocherkahnrennen only. Pack your bathing suit, a lot of sunscreen and a few cold drinks and go punting with us. And if you want to try it out yourself: go for it!t







Budenzauber emerged from the Tübingen Lindy Hop scene and unites musicians who share a passion for swing and hot jazz from the 1920s to the 1940s. Their large repertoire consists of this music and includes evergreens as well as surprises! Whether long or short—their program is guaranteed to be danceable!


Full Pass: 80/90/100 €*

Day Passes:

  • Friday: 30/35/40 €*
  • Saturday: 50/55/60 €*
  • Sunday: 15 €

Party tickets:

  • Friday: 20 €
  • Saturday: 35 €
  • Sunday: 5 €

Party tickets are available at the box office - only while stocks last!

* Pay your own price: Small Purse/Cost Cover/Supporter.

You want to spend a nice weekend and would like to participate in the courses, but are currently short of cash: "Small Purse" is your price. With the "Cost Covering" we right about cover our costs for the weekend. If you would also like to support SwingZeit Tübingen and help us to offer more events like this in the future, choose the "Supporter" price.