The next Spätzle-Hop will take place on the 12th-14th. April 2024!


On Friday we start at 7:30 p.m. with a party at Fichtehaus (Herrenberger Str. 40, 72070 Tübingen). A new band from Tübingen with previously secret name will heat you up and SwingZeit DJs will play for you during the breaks.

A total of four different workshops will be offered on Saturday and Sunday. We are pleased to welcome the Ella’s Fellas from Zurich as teachers for the first time in Tübingen.

Saturday night we dance to the hot rhythms of the Linda Kyei Swing Combo during our Spätzle-Hop Party at Boccanegra (French Quarter, Provenceweg 22, 72072 Tübingen, Start is at 8 p.m. (open end).

On Sunday we end the weekend with a cozy tea dance in the Fichtehaus.

The Timetable


The Classes

The courses take place at Fichtehaus (Herrenberger Str. 40, 72070 Tübingen).

Lindy Hop - Käpsele: You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least one year and feel confident leading and/or following the following moves: Tuck Turn, Swing Out, Texas Tommy, Hand-to-Hand Charleston. You have already dealt with different bounces, connection and turning techniques? First footwork variations and listening to the music are part of your repertoire? Then this is the right course for you. If you are currently taking part in one of the Tübingen university sports courses, you should have completed at least Level 2 or be currently taking Level 3. The course consists of 1.5 hours per lesson on Saturday and Sunday.

Lindy Hop – Heilig’s Blechle: Your love for Lindy Hop is unwavering and you have been regularly attending classes, socials and festivals for the past 2 years. You have a good connection and no need to think about basic Lindy and Charleston moves. You can also do variations and complex figures and at socials you feel comfortable with fast music. In relation to the Tübingen university sports courses, you should have already attended level 3 several times or feel comfortable in level 4. The course consists of 1.5 hours per lesson on Saturday and Sunday.

Musicality: Our open level course for everyone who wants to draw creativity from interaction with music for their (couple) dance and thereby take it to the next level.

Solo Jazz: After a long break of Solo Jazz in Tübingen, we are looking forward to a new choreography by Ella’s Fellas. The course is aimed at both advanced and beginners with initial experience in Solo Jazz, for example in the form of a routine, e.g. the Shim Sham or as a workshop/beginner course.

Teacher Training: Since it is important to us to support dancers who also teach themselves, this Spätzle-Hop is the first time that you have the opportunity to take part in a “Teacher training”. In terms of content, we venture into the often abstract and difficult to grasp topic of “Musicality”. To take part in this course, you should already have experience in teaching Lindy Hop and briefly describe this to us in your registration.

The Teachers

We are happy to welcome the Ella’s Fellas from Zurich to Tübingen for the first time! The Ella’s Fellas are friends in a pack of five who have made the dream of their own Lindy Hop dance school in Zurich come true. They love Lindy Hop and take great joy in passing on this enthusiasm. At the last International Lindy Hop Championships they won the 2nd place in the “Lindy Hop Teams” category.

You can find further information and videos on their website, as well as on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.


The Parties

Be prepaired for 3 evenings full of joy, dancing and amazing music - and perhaps some surprises!

  • Pre-Party at Fichtehaus Friday, 11.04.2024, 7:30p.m - Midnight. Live-Music from our new local band

  • Spätzle-Hop Party at Boccanegra Saturday, 12.04.2024, start at 8:00p.m. Live-Music from Linda Kyei Swing Combo

  • Tea-Dance at Fichtehaus Sunday, 13.04.2024, 3:30-6:00p.m. With Music from our SwingZeit DJ‘s, tasty coffee and cake

Anmeldung und Preise


  • 3hrs Lindy Hop Käpsele: 55/60/65€*
  • 3hrs Lindy Hop Heilig’s Blechle: 55/60/65€*
  • 1,5hrs Musicality: 27/30/33€*
  • 1,5hrs Teacher Training: 27/30/33€*
  • 1,5hrs Solo Jazz: 27/30/33€*

/*Pay your own price: Small Purse/Cost Cover/Supporter. You want to spend a nice weekend and would like to participate in the courses but are currently short of cash: "Small Purse" is your price. With the "Cost Covering" we right about cover our costs for the weekend. If you would also like to support SwingZeit Tübingen and help us to offer more events like this in the future, choose the "Supporter" price.


  • Pre-Party on Friday: 10€
  • Spätzle-Hop Party on Saturday: 15€
  • Tea-Dance on Sunday: free entry

Attention: Unfortunately we only have a limited number of party tickets. That's why party tickets can only be booked in combination with a workshop until April 1st, 2024, after which the remaining tickets will be activated online. We will announce on this website on April 10th, 2024 whether there will be a box office.

There will be a box office on Friday. Unfortunately the party on Saturday is fully booked!

The registration is closed!