We offer classes in cooperation with several organizers. Since there are changes to the dates and courses offered, especially in the context of the university sports program, the overview is updated at the start of the semester or during the semester break.


The classes during the winter semester break will take place from April 25th to June 25th, 2023. Registration starts on April 19, 2023 at 20:25.

Based on current demand, we offer the following courses:

  • Beginner - Level 1: Tuesday 20:15-21:30 with Gina and Jonas
  • Intermediate - Level 2: Tuesday 19:10-20:10 with Selina and Jan
  • Fokus Lindy Hop - Level 3: Wednesday 18:00-19:15 with Maike and Dexter
  • Fokus Lindy Charleston - Level 3: Wednesday 19:15-20:30 with Fredi and Konrad
  • Solo Jazz Beginner: Tuesday 17:00-18:00 with Maren
  • Solo Jazz Fortgeschrittene: Tuesday 18:05-19:05 with Maren
  • Open Floor - Freies Training: Wednesday 20:30-21:30 with Jan

This courses counts towards the 3 course rule. Please note when booking.

The courses take place at Clubhaus, Wilhelmstraße.

In addition, we regularly offer weekend intensive classes:

  • Lindy Hop Beginner Workshop: July 1rst/2nd
  • Lindy Hop Intermediate Workshop: August 5th/6th

Level description

Lindy Hop BEGINNER (Level 1)

You want to learn Lindy Hop? Then the beginner course is a good start for you - no previous knowledge necessary! In this course you will learn some Lindy basics (for example Frame and Bounce) and also both roles, Lead and Follow. Therefore you don't need a partner to register, because we will change roles and partners anyway. Couple registrations are still possible if you want to do the course together with someone.

Lindy Hop INTERMEDIATE (Level 2)

Have you already taken the Level 1 class (or another beginner class)? Or was your last Level 2/3 class or social a while ago and you want to review some basics without starting from scratch? Then this is the right class for you! We basically build on level 1, so you should be familiar with the rhythm of swing music as well as the bounce. You should already be able to dance a few basic moves that you may have even tried out at one or two socials. Don't worry, the basics will not be neglected in this class - but look forward to new moves, variations, improvisation and Charleston basics! You can sign up for this class as a couple or individually. In this class you learn both roles (everyone leads, everyone follows!).


This course is offered in parallel to Level 3 "Focus Lindy Charleston" and is for all who took our level 2 course or have equivalent experience. You are familiar with rhythm and bounce in swing music, go to socials regularly and can dance basic moves as well as variations to varying tempos? You want to playfully work on your basics, technical skills, musicality and improvisation, and incorporate Solo Jazz elements? You want to feel (even) more comfortable with fast music, be it in Charleston or with triple steps? Then this course for you, even if you are an experienced dancer!

We change partners regularly, and you can choose to stick to a role or switch.

Lindy Charleston INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED (Level 3)

This course is offered in parallel to Level 3 "Focus Lindy Hop" and is for all who took our level 2 course or have equivalent experience. For most of this course we learn Lindy Charleston and typical repertoire such as Chase, Tandem, Sailor and variations thereof. For a smaller part of the course we will also practice triple step moves to fast tempo, especially the Swing Out. Lindy Charleston basics, Send Out, Bring Back and open position 6-count moves in Lindy Charleston are prerequisite.

We change partners regularly and stick to a role, but you can decide to switch roles individually.


Solo jazz originated in the early twentieth century in the African-American community along with and from dances such as the Charleston and Lindy Hop, and has continued to change and evolve along with jazz over the decades. It offers a large repertoire of simple but very expressive and versatile steps that reflect the rhythms of the music.

In this class we will learn the Tranky Doo routine! No previous experience required :) Of course, if you already have some Solo Jazz experience but don't know the Tranky Doo, you are more than welcome to join the course!


In the Advanced Solo Jazz course you will learn some well known solo jazz routines and how to improvise spontaneously to swing music! For this you need some previous knowledge of solo jazz, ideally you already know the Shim Sham and maybe even one or two other routines - like the Big Apple, Tranky Doo or the Trickeration. Besides new moves you will learn to combine on your own and get to know your body feeling while dancing even better.

Also those who like to dance Lindy Hop a lot and are looking for a little inspiration for their Lindy dancing are welcome here!

OPEN FLOOR - Free Training

The free training on Wednesday is included in all courses! No matter what level you are at: You can come here after your class to practice or just to dance. We play music and there is always someone around to answer your questions or give you a tip or two!

If you are not currently taking a course and already have some previous experience, you can also book the free training separately.

More information: HSP


Two consecutive beginner courses are offered at the VHS. New courses start on March 3rd, 2023 and May 12th, 2023. Registration is already open.

  • Beginner 1: Friday 18:15-19:45 at VHS Raum 014 with Fredi and Konrad
  • Beginner 2: Friday 20:00-21:30 at VHS Raum 014 with Fredi and Konrad

More Information: VHS Tübingen


The Rock'n'Roll Sports Club currently offers three consecutive courses. The C course is expected to start again from March.

  • A-Kurs: Lindy Hop Beginner with Rachel and Daniel*
  • B-Kurs: Lindy Charleston Beginner with Rachel and Daniel*
  • F-Kurs: Advanced with Maren and Leo**

*A and B courses always take place alternately.

** comparable to Intermediate/Advanced at HSP

More Informationen: RRSCT