New Classes during the summer semester!!!

  • Lindy Hop - Level 1: Wednesday 18:00-19:15 with Gina and Jonas

You want to learn Lindy Hop? Then the beginner course is a good start for you - no previous knowledge necessary! In this course you will learn some Lindy basics (for example Frame and Bounce) and also both roles, Lead and Follow. Therefore you don't need a partner to register, because we will change roles and partners anyway.

  • Lindy Hop - Level 2: Tuesday 20:15-21:30 with Hanna and Cornelius

Did you already take a Level 1 class (or a different beginner class)? Or was your last Level 2 class or social a while ago and you want to review some basics without starting from scratch? Then this is the right class for you! We basically build on level 1, so you should be familiar with the rhythm of swing music as well as the bounce. You should already be able to dance a few basic moves, and perhaps you tried those out at one or two socials. Don't worry, the basics will not be neglected in this class - but look forward to new moves, variations, improvisation and Charleston basics! You can sign up for this class individually and choose a role (leader/follower) or - if you like and the level of difficulty suits you - you can switch roles occasionally and learn both.

  • Lindy Hop - Level 4: Wednesday 19:30-20:45 with Fredi and Konrad

Are you ready to take your Lindy Hop skills to the next level? In our Level 4 class we offer you the opportunity to consolidate your Lindy Hop abilities and refine your dance skills. Course content: Our focus in this class is on technique exercises, not new moves. We will work on rhythm, flow, musicality and connection, as well as questioning the classic lead-follow understanding. We will work on improvisation and weave jazz steps and footwork variations into our dance. Prerequisites: This course is aimed at dancers with a solid basic skill set in Lindy Hop with at least 1.5 years of dancing experience (weekly classes and regular social dances). Basic solo jazz steps should be familiar. As we focus on technique, we assume that you have some moves in your repertoire. You should be able to comfortably do the Swing-Out, Tuck Turn and Sugar Push. Some Lindy Charleston moves (hand-to-hand, tandem) and dancing to music at different speeds should be nothing new to you.

  • Solo Jazz: Dienstag 18:45-20:00Uhr mit Antonia

Solo jazz emerged in the African-American community at the beginning of the twentieth century with and from dances such as the Charleston and Lindy Hop. The large repertoire of versatile steps not only enriches your own creations and improvised dancing, but also greatly enriches couple dancing. Solo Jazz strengthens the sense of body and rhythm and provides the basics for learning famous routines such as the Shim Sham, Jitterbug Stroll or Big Apple and for making your own dance style more varied. We will learn together to interpret the steps through the music and will occasionally be inspired by other music styles such as electro swing. We will also dance the well-known Jitterbug Stroll routine. The focus is always on passion and fun, alone or in a group! The course is suitable for beginners and anyone with initial solo jazz experience.

The courses take place at Clubhaus, Wilhelmstraße.

More information: HSP


Two consecutive beginner courses are offered at the VHS. New courses start on June, 7th 2024. Registration is already open.

  • Beginner 1: Friday 18:15-19:45 at VHS Raum 014 with Fredi and Konrad
  • Beginner 2: Friday 20:00-21:30 at VHS Raum 014 with Fredi and Konrad

More Information: VHS Tübingen


The Rock'n'Roll Sports Club currently offers three consecutive courses. The C course is expected to start again from March.

  • A-Kurs: Lindy Hop Beginner
  • B-Kurs: Lindy Charleston Beginner
  • C-Kurs: Lindy Hop Intermediate
  • D-Kurs: Lindy Hop Intermediate
  • F-Kurs: only for RRSCT-Members, comparable to Intermediate/Advanced at HSP

*A- and B-courses and C- and D-courses always take place alternately.

More Informationen: RRSCT