Spätzle-Hop 2019

Spätzle-Hop is back! And this year, we're going international: Our 2019-edition stars noone else but Cat Foley (UK), Cam Mitchell (AUS) and Michael Jagger (US) and offers partnered lindy hop classes (levels intermediate to advanced), solo jazz and partnered choreography, plus three awesome parties.

Registration starts Feb 1 at 8 pm.


Classes will take place at the Rainbow Dance Factory (Im Hofstrütle 1, 72074 Tübingen-Pfrondorf) Please bring clean shoes that do not leave marks on the floor.

Cat (UK) & Cam (AUS)


Cat and Cam are teachers who love sharing the history, creativity and joy of Lindy Hop with their students all over the world.

With 25 years of combined teaching experience and a similarly ridiculous sense of humour, Cat and Cam are dedicated to helping their students improve and to working to a high standard, whilst not taking themselves too seriously. After teaching for the first time together in 2014, they have not looked back!

They love social dancing. They love throwing the hell down Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers style at 300bpm. They love teaching, helping people discover new talents and achieve their perceived impossibles.

As teachers and competitors at international festivals they made a name for themselves.

For more information about Cat & Cam, got to catfoley.com or cam-mitchell.com

Michael (US)

Michael has been dancing for over 20 years and has travelled the globe with his dance partner Evita Acre. In class, he emphasizes creativity and focuses on strengthening the connection between dance partners.

For 6 years, Michael was one of the directors of the Syncopated City Dance Company, the first professional dance company with a focus on drama dance in NYC. He also danced in the Lindy track of the Broadway musical "Swing!", which was originally developed and performed by his mentors Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas.

He was strongly influenced and inspired by his mentors Ryan and Jenny, but also by other famous dancers such as Fred Astaire, David Dalmo, Tommy Rall, Nathan Bugh and of course by his longtime dance partner Evita.

You can learn more abour Michael at michaelandevita.com


Lindy Hop:

*Intermediate: You've been taking classes regularly for at least one year, and you feel confident leading/following basic moves. You regularly attend socials, and perhaps you've been to a few lindy hop-festivals or -exchanges. You should be comfortable dancing 8-count basics, swing out, texas tommy, hand-to-hand charleston, and tandem charleston.

*Intermediate/Advanced: You've been dancing for two years, you regularly attend socials, festivals and exchanges, and you want to develop your own style. You can dance both to slow and fast tempos and you feel comfortable dancing with different partners. Musicality and creativity are some things you'd like to improve.

*Advanced: You've been dancing for more than two years and Lindy Hop has become an integral part of your life. You can dance complex patterns and variations without thinking. Above all, you want to work on your connection and technique to give more expression to your style and creativity.

Choreo Classes:

*Solo Jazz (Intermediate): This class is for everyone who has some basic experience with solo jazz. You should be able to dance routines like the Shim Sham, but the most important thing is that you're enthusiatic about expressing yourself in dancing solo.

*Choreo Class (Intermediate/Advanced): You've been dancing for two years, you regularly attend socials, festivals and exchanges. You can dance can dance to a variety of tempos and with different partners. In this class, Michael will teach you a partnered choreography.


Lindy Hop: 45€/39€* (per Level)

Solo Jazz: 55€/50€*

Choreo Class: 55€/50€*

*Discounts apply for students, pupils and apprentices.



When: Friday, 03.05.2019 at 8 pm

Where: Rothenburg (Schloßbergstraße 23, 72070 Tübingen)

Admission: free

Attention: Tickets are limited - so please be early and save your ticket! No presale!



When: Saturday, 04.05.2019 at 8 pm

Where: Boccanegra (Provenceweg 22, 72072 Tübingen)

Admission: 10€/8€*

You can look forward to some awesome specials!




When: Sunday, 05.05.2019 at 5:30 pm (after the last class)

Where: Rainbow Dance Factory (Im Hofstrütle 1, 72074 Tübingen-Pfrondorf)

Admission: free


Please don't bring your own drinks to the parties - we want to support the venues! We'll provide tap water on the spot.

*Discounts apply for students, pupils and apprentices.

Code of Conduct