Tübingen Lindy Exchange

28.-30. Juni 2019

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Welcome to our first Tübingen Lindy Exchange! We have spared no expense and effort in order to provide you with three nights of parties, the fantastic band AppenDixie from Prague feat. Clara Montocchio from Vienna, as well as mouth-watering Swabian cuisine, and, of course, fun-packed day-time activities to show you and dance around our lovely student town.

What is a Lindy Exchange?

The first Lindy Exchange took place in 1998 between the cities of San Francisco and Chicago, with the aim to get to know the dance style of the other scene. This quickly led to international events that focused on sightseeing, getting to know the foreign city and its community, as well as dancing, of course, rather than courses or workshops. Today, such exchanges are taking place all over the world, inviting people to get to know new cities and their Lindy-Hop communities.

About Tübingen and SwingZeit

Some say: "Tübingen has no university, Tübingen is a university". With its almost 30,000 students, it is one of the youngest - in terms of age - and at the same time one of the oldest - in terms of the 1477 founded Eberhard Karls University - cities in Germany and is located in the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The city at the Neckar is particularly known for its famous personalities like Friedrich Hölderlin, its great research such as the discovery of DNA, and its student traditions like the annual Stocherkahn race around the Neckar Island.

6 years ago, the first Lindy Hop dancers came to Tübingen and started to build a community - the SwingZeit Tübingen was born! Since then, the scene is continually growing: From just one social per month we now offer numerous courses, weekly socials and workshops such as the Spaetzle-Hop. Just like the city itself, we are a colorful bunch: from young to old, from multicultural to long-established Swabians, from hot-off-the-fire dance lovers to long-time dancers ... Now we are looking forward to our first Lindy Exchange and to welcoming you in our small and beautiful city.


We will shortly provide more information about the program both here and via email to all participants.


AppenDixie is a band that driven by the Prague swing dance scene combines the elements of the early swing and traditional jazz with a slight touch of craziness. The band plays at big dance events and is a regular part of the Prague Swing festivals. Along with that, AppenDixie has played for the lindy hop scene of Brno, Dresden, Pilsen and Vienna. The swing musicians regularly organize dance parties themselves and raid the existing ones with their powerful live music. For TüLX, the AppenDixies will play in an even more energetic assembly with a guest clarinet player and the wonderful singer Clara Montocchio.

More about AppenDixie

Clara Montocchio

Clara is an Austrian-South African singer, dancer and actress. Since completing her Musical Theatre degree at the Performing Academy in Vienna she has performed on a great many wonderful stages across Europe and South Africa (such as Porgy & Bess, Jazzland, ORF Radiokulturhaus, Oude Libertas Stellenbosch, Brucknerhaus Linz and the Musikverein, to name a few). She sings regularly with various big bands and combos, has starred in several Film and TV productions and also works as a tap dance, authentic jazz dance and singing teacher. Clara is a passionate lindy hop dancer and particularly loves singing for dancers!


Full-Pass: 65€/60€*

  • Opening Party
  • Yoga-Session
  • Scavenger Hunt through the Old Town
  • Outdoor-Social
  • TüLX Party with AppenDixie, Taster and Late Night Blues
  • Swing-Brunch
  • Punting on the Neckar
  • Teadance

Daypass - Samstag: 40€/37€*

  • Yoga-Session
  • Scavenger Hunt through the Old Town
  • Outdoor Social with AppenDixie
  • TüLX-Party with AppenDixie, Taster and Late Night Blues

Daypass - Sonntag: 31€/29€*

  • Swing-Brunch
  • Punting on the Neckar
  • Teadance

TüLX-Party: 20€/18€*

  • with AppenDixie
  • Taster
  • Late Night Blues

Dinner on Saturday is not included. Nonetheless, please register on the registration form if you want to attend dinner in order for us to calculate how much food we need to order. Please also let us know if you have any allergies or other food restrictions.

*Discounts apply for students and apprentices.


Hosting has a long tradition at Lindy Hop Exchanges and offers a great way to meet other dancers.

Hosts: If you can provide a guest room, a couch, or an air mattress for our far-flung participants and feel like connecting with new people, then let us know.

Hostees: If you want to immerse yourself in the local scene and do not expect a three-star hotel to stay in, then let our lovely dancers host you.

We try our best to provide you a host to stay. However we can not promise that we’ll be able to fulfill every wish.


Code of Conduct