SwingZeit e.V. needs your help!

Here a few news for the near future of the swing dance scene in Tuebingen. We want to openly communicate the current situation so that you understand where things are heading for the winter season.

Kelter Social: We will probably have to announce soon that the Kelter social will be cancelled and not have any replacement upcoming. While the Kelter is hosting us for free the free part only means free for being there on the floor. SwingZeit e.V. provides the DJs who currently take on the shifts on a voluntary basis, i.e. without remuneration. The Kelter has their own expenses in keeping the place open and staffed for our Monday parties and relies on income through selling drinks during the evening. Throughout the whole last year the event was never able to break even with the expenses and thus the Kelter is about to cancel the cooperation. Right now its just a matter of right now or in a month or two. We will keep you posted once a final decision is made.

Swing in Reutlingen: We loved to provide a social venue in an actual dance studio with it's special flair and foremost the best possible dance floor. For this we had to pay a small rental fee and the obligatory GEMA. Throughout 2023 the event series only once made break even and not even a live band event with the magnificent 'The Tumbling' could gather a substantial enough crowd / sufficient donations or entrance fees. The series came to an end in September and will not continue.

DAI: For a little over a year now there was a social evening once quarterly in the DAI. Because of the special setting the GEMA fees for the DAI social are in a very low price category. Additionally the DAI kindly provided us with their location free of charge! Currently the event series came to a conclusion but we will try to continue it. As soon as we have news on that maybe with a next event date we will keep you all posted.

Rothenburg: As of now this is the only social we can announce to be continued as it was in the past without noticeable change.

Where does this lead: For the winter season there will be a substantial reduction in social events in Tuebingen. We are trying to find replacements for these event series but we require your help in doing so. Please support our swing dance scene in any future venues with as little as buying a pint when we are hosted in a pub or dropping a buck or two in the donation box. You can also help us in becoming a member of the SwingZeit e.V. or directly donate to us. Any income the club registers is reinvested into the dance scene and is currently used to keep the public dance events afloat. We are always happy to receive active support for the organization team. If you are interested in becoming part of the team and/or would like to contribute ideas, please contact us via Email(info@swingzeit.de)/Signal/WhatsApp or talk to us at socials or in courses. We are also planning an Information evening on November 6th, 2023 in the Neckarmüller. Let us know, if you would like to take part! If so please follow this link and add your name to the list.

We hope to see you soon dancing with us!

Your SwingZeit-Team