Lindy Hops to Reutlingen

Swing in Reutlingen has one more great Lindy Hop day in Reutlingen planned for you! On Saturday, 2.09.2023, SwingZeit Tübingen e.V. organizes a live Band Concered with a social at the Tango Vision dance studio in Reutlingen. The event takes place in cooperation with Martina Beilharz..

This time there will be only a party with a great Tübingen Live Band!!! More infos will follow soon :).

What is Lindy Hop?

The afroamerican community in New York Harlem in the 1920s and 30s established a new type of dance – the Lindy Hop. They used elements from different other dance styles such as Jazz, Tap, Blues, the Charleston and the Breakaway which you can sometimes still see today. In the 1980s the Lindy Hop Dance started to swap over to Europe also and finally, it reached Tübingen too. At the so called socials you can enjoy a lot of fun, improvisation and great swing music.

The Event

  • When: Saturday, 02.09.2023
  • Where: Tango Vision, Tanzstudio Reutlingen
  • What: Social with Live Band
  • Price: More information soon

If you have a bit of change left the band will be happy for a little "Hutmoney" too.


Infos follow shortly.